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Introduction to the Caro-Kann Defense

  • Release Date: December 2009
    Submitted By: gpchesswebsite
    Submitted On: 12/27/09, 3:31 PM
    Category: Lessons & Training
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This is an introduction to a chess opening known as the Caro-Kann Defense, an opening which was used frequently by 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov in his illustrious career.

Accessible in ChessBase and PGN format.

See my website, GeniusProphecy Chess. The website is dedicated to writing free chess articles on a range of topics to help the average player improve. Topics discussed include chess openings, strategy and endgames.


  • by faysal_faris



    Simple language, many variations, easy to use (any PGN viewer will do the job) and I find it extremely useful and comprehensive for players who can't really read extensive opening books.

    Many Thanks

  • by vowles_23


    A little hard to use (see dewriat's comment) but good, thankyou!

  • by dewriat

    Download one of the many PGN readers and basically drag and drop (or open) the files.

  • by dazbedford

    anyone know how this thing works?

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