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iPhone Chess Clock

  • Release Date: January 2011
    Submitted By: osintx
    Submitted On: 1/20/11, 9:35 PM
    Category: Other
    OS: iPhone
    License: Free
    File Size: 193B
    Downloads: 1120
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Have you ever wanted to play a timed game, but didn't have your chess clock handy. Now you can turn your iPhone into a simple, easy to use chess clock with support for all possible tournament and casual time controls.

Search for "a1 game clock" in the iPhone app store.

This app has special support for Chess, Checkers, Draughts, Backgammon and Arimaa, but can be used for any two player game. It provides predefined settings for standard time controls used by FIDE, World Backgammon Association, American Checker Federation, FMJD and other organizations.

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