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Kebu Opening Memorizer

  • Submitted By: jtt96
    Submitted On: 6/24/11, 9:38 AM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    Filename: kebu_opening.exe
    File Size: 536.5KB
    Downloads: 5071
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  • by Ullash130

    worthless trying it.. even after having registration, it says the activation is failed.

  • by fritzricky

    Odd, how come there is an activation code for a FREE piece of software? Strange, isn't it?

  • by daegen999


    Waste of time. Downloaded and installed but it will not open no matter how many times i click on it. Any help?

  • by debolabanks

    cool app
  • by lokesh_nitjsr


  • by chessrube

    is there a operator's guide...i'm using it but still trying to find my way around.

  • by jtt96


    The (free) activation code can be found at or here.

    An overview of the program can be found here.

  • by Balachandar


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