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Morphy's Games with Historic Commentary

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This file contains all known games of Paul Morphy, carefully scutinized for accuracy.  A great many of the games are annotated with relevant historical commentary.


  • by Bodhidharma

    Thank you very much, batgirl !! You have created a treasure...

  • by zenomorphy


    Again, ...I so appreciate your hard word & due diligence, in bringing this treasure trove to us ;')! Thank you so very much!
  • by HonzaZvolsky

    Díky moc za tuhle výnikající sbírku krásných partií Paula Morphyho!Smile

  • by lytonn

    A la suite du jeu travaillé et positionnel de Philidor il y a eu le jeu flamboyant et inoubliable de Paul Morphy avec des combinaisons restées célèbres.

  • by Sinmai

    nettsten DankSmile

  • by dewriat


    Download a PGN viewer and then drag and drop the Morphy file into it.

  • by ezykoko


  • by Defensor


    Thanks. Especially for the commentary to the games. I'm very interested in chess history.

  • by Ocky

    Thank you very much!

  • by Alex1968

    Спасибо большое!

  • by oginschile

    Thank you

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