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Nagaskaki Chess

  • Submitted By: SonofPearl
    Submitted On: 5/25/07, 12:30 PM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: Mayothi
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    File Size: 1.9627MB
    Downloads: 23312
  • 16 votes: +++++/-


NagaSkaki is a free, fully functional chess program.  There are 10 preset 'personalities' that you can play against from beginner to master strength.


  • by p2kpradeep

    One of the best stand-alone programs I've come across till now. I've been using it for the last one year, and it's really good. Each of the levels can be further configured with respect to playing style and thinking time, thus making it play as strong or as weak as you want. Plus there's a neat feature to allow/disallow pondering. The help file is really good as well. Such a neat program for free... It seems unbelievable, but true! Many thanks to the developers.


  • by renumeratedfrog


    This the best free chess playing program out there. The graphics is pretty good, but it misses the Merida design (my favorite). The various personalities are definitely vary challenging. It's also very fast, at least on my computer (Intel Core2).

  • by ultrapatzer


    Good program, especially for the price.

  • by RussMTL

    It is probably the best standalone freeware chess program for beginners outside of some configurable UCI engines like Ufim, IMHO. Simple to set up and enjoy at various levels!


  • by dadski

    I read the reviews, I think this must a good chess program.

  • by sathish434


  • by Hearshotkd33


    ugh... practically un-useable. constantly have to stop it from thinking so muchFrown

  • by -LIGHT-


  • by elementfuzz

    one of the easiest programs to use

  • by packiesla

    This is really good, lots of levels. definatly improves my play
  • by thechessplayer

    its free and very good for training
  • by Saikoro


    Neat program, high quality and lots of fun.
  • by Le_Tissier

    Looks good, quite fun, but I want something a lot better
  • by theplayer

    I have tested this program against the hard level of little chess partner and the hard level of shredder online and guess what it won....
  • by fredster50

    when i open it it tells me that it won't work because i haven't got a wodd chess board in my documents and settings!!!!!
  • by SonofPearl


    You should be able to castle as per normal. i.e. move the King two sqaures towards the rook (the rook will then move by itself).
  • by 1red5a


     hey guys, I need some help here


    I can't use the hell out of it


    please tell me how to use it the RIGHT way




  • by Alex_M


    I can't castle!!! Other than that it's great! I've been looking for an engine with multiple playing levels.Cool
  • by turk-man


    A must-have.

    Just copy the directory to a disc or CD, then you can play it on any computer. It does not require an installation that engages the system registry.

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