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Nagaskaki Chess

  • Release Date: February 2007
    Submitted By: realproto
    Submitted On: 8/19/09, 9:44 PM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    OS: Win95/98/XP/Vista
    License: Free
    File Size: 2.0047MB
    Downloads: 2481
  • 4 votes: +++++/-


I found Kagaskaki chess while browsing the Web ( home page at  
Its one of the few, simple-to-use chess programs that's free for public use.  
You can load pgn games and its helpful for chess study. The cool feature, I discovered that
you can create your own personality and add any picture to it. I was able to add the personality
 "Too Cute" and allowed my chess students to play it. In a world with chess programs playing at 
Grandmaster strength, this adjustable game was a breath of fresh air.


  • by daegen999


    This is a great litte chess program. Lots of playing modes to slow to aggressive. Very functional chess. I have loved this for years.

  • by kingstrint


    I like this one also easy to pratice bullet chess. I have noticed if you are having troulbe saving setting you will have to go into the folder and right click on the ini files and uncheck read only that way it will save your setting.Cool

  • by Balajiganapathi


    It is a very good software & has a simple interface. The fact that you can adjust its playing strength is very useful for practising.

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