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Peter Lalic YouTube chess games

  • Release Date: February 2010
    Submitted By: PeterLalic
    Submitted On: 2/15/10, 6:57 AM
    Category: Database of Games
    Publisher: Peter Lalic
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    License: Free
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This is the video version of my ChessBase database: a collection of my best chess games. The text includes analysis, variations, comments, etcetera. Please enjoy the games, and I hope that they prove instructive. The background music is all from my favourite songs: classics from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Rock on! Laughing

Welcome to my database: essentially, a growing story of my chess career. It is a desire of mine to add a touch of humour to my notes, and these commentaries are meant for entertainment just as much as tuition. Therefore, please enjoy playing through the games at your leisure. I recommend that you first look at the games without the notation window, in order to calculate variations, and to appreciate for yourself the complexities of the games. Then view the annotations next to the board (ctrl-alt-n) in order to check your analysis, see the things you might have missed, and understand the games through the eyes of the player.
        I hope that the annotations I have diligently made are correct, and that the many variations prove instructive and useful for the improving player. The games are generally accompanied by the following information: an introduction to the game, theoretical opening knowledge (mainlines; reference games; strategies and themes in that opening), time status, match (team) situation, my thoughts, evaluations, assessments of moves, strategies in that kind of position, latent tactics, influential sidelines, variations of interest, the result, and a brief summary of the game. There is also an assortment of artistic Chessbase multimedia functions: green, yellow and red highlighters of squares and arrows, which I frequently use to facilitate the viewer's understanding of general tactics and strategies in the positions.
        It would be much appreciated if you could spare the time to contact me (E-mail address: with your comments on this database. Questions are welcome, and I would gladly listen to your ideas about the games and/or their annotations. Enjoy! And remember the words of the great Robert James Fischer: "Chess is Life".
                Peter Dragan Lalic.
                Surrey, England. 15/02/2009.

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