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PGNreader for java mobiles

  • Release Date: 2010
    Submitted By: Ashkanph
    Submitted On: 2/6/12, 6:22 AM
    Category: PGN Utilities
    Publisher: Asim Pereira
    OS: Mobile Java
    License: Demo / Trial
    File Size: 107.6875KB
    Downloads: 3627
  • 1 vote: +++++



PGNReader is an application for Java/Symbian phones to view Chess games from a PGN file. you can load a PGN file from Memory card or Phone memory.

this is the demo version. in Demo version you can only watch the first 100 games of each pgn file.

Demo version limitations:
* Only supports first 100 games
* Mark Favorite feature not available

for buy the original program and more information see its creator's webpage:


  • by Ashkanph

    I think some of pgn files have that space after "." and some of them don't have it.

    you can open your pgn file with a text editor (in windows you can use notepad) to see that it has those spaces or not. if it doesn't have, use Edit > Replace to replace all "." with ". "

    and then test it with your pgnreader in your mobile. I think the pgn file should not have comments too to be correctly read by the program.

  • by kingpavn

  • by kingpavn

    I have a standard pgn.what do you mean with space?Thank you for the answer.

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