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Portable WinboardX + Deep Rybka 2.2

  • Submitted By: gardelin
    Submitted On: 8/15/08, 4:02 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: various
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    File Size: 3.3304MB
    Downloads: 78769
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My portable setup


  • by krishinparikh

    Does anybody know about any good chess engines for Mac's?

  • by SilentKid


  • by dwz


  • by rybka3dynamic

    how to install chess engine in a chess gui---Solved

  • by amrjit92


  • by chesscanoe8128

    This package installed nicely on Win7 SP1 x64 Home Premium. It may not be relavant I had 7-Zip version 9.20 previously installed.

  • by awo3it


    Even now(year 2013) winboard 4.27(winboard_x) is so easy to use(not to configure maybe), fast and compatible(tested with Win 95,XP,Vista,Linux under Wine) that i prefer it to Arena. The lack of eco-openings and of introducing variation of an analyzed line is the only reason why i sometimes use Arena.The new verions of winboard seam slower and less customizable(no winboard.ini).

  • by -Kaleidoscope-

    How do i start a chess engine while viewing a game? The option "action" is disabled for me on the top bar, do i need it to start an engine?Embarassed

  • by den_reyes86

    chess arina is better

  • by Totentanz

    Great chess game for the PC. It's small size and elementary design make it perfect if you're playing on my (or a) netbook.

  • by thecalculator

    What is the complete URL for playing internet chess with winboard?

    Example for is: /icsport=5000 /icshelper=timeseal

  • by Mainline_Novelty

  • by SpaceBrother


    thank you. awesome to practice.

  • by easylimbo

    i got error 105? does it work on vista?

  • by chesseinstein

  • by chesseinstein

  • by chesseinstein

    this doesnt work for me after i click the down load button it says open,save,save as. i first click save after saving i click open it shows me a 4 iteams: text document, jpeg image,application, and md5 file when i click applicaton it says run, extract or cancel i click run once i click run it says either sun again or cancel i click run then it says extract one i click extract nothing happens and i am back to the same 4 items if i click Md5 file this time it ask me what program i want to download at i tried literally every program i had in there and non works and i have 19 programs the only one that almost worked was adobe reader but there was a problem it said adobe reader can not open this file because it is either not a supported file or blah blah.. please help i dont know how to download this.

  • by ArchanAlias


    This is the best chess engine I have ever seen! I haven't even managed to draw with it yet!!!

  • by GMgladius

    thank you very much its a great application.. :) will have to learn all the finesses tough i jst downloaded this engine..

  • by nxavar


    This program uses all of your CPU, so if you want to analyze a game which is for example on a web page on the Internet Explorer and you switch between windows the process will be annoyingly slow. The problem is worse if the moves are on a page that has a dynamic chessboard, which also consumes a significant amount of computer resources. In fact, you will quickly abandon the analysis because the computer will be just too slow. There should be an option to stop the engine so that you can switch between windows easily or even an option to limit CPU consumption. Selecting Pause or Edit Position does not stop the engine from running, which if it happened it would have been a good workaround. Apart from that, the GUI could have been more user-friendly, especially the starting options panel, apart from the fact that there should be default options and not an option panel every time the program starts.

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