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SCID 3.6.1

  • Submitted By: chessbot
    Submitted On: 5/14/07, 8:24 PM
    Category: Database Programs
    Publisher: Shane Hudson
    OS: Windows and Linux
    License: Free
    Filename: Scid361eSetup.exe
    File Size: 2.3817MB
    Downloads: 12451
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A nifty database program that reads PGN and EPD. You can search using filters, export games etc. Crafty can be used as analysis module. The user interface seems a bit simple, but works and is easy to use.


  • by Shakeymclovin

    Deleting Twin Games. Once you flagged or marked the twin games and you are sure then use the compact database: Maintenance Window - Database operations - Compact database. I did not know this and there was nothing in the help fileYell But then I found thisWink

    Also copy the file before making any changes if your not sure. This will delete the games in the base that are marked with a -D-. The scid help file explains how to mark the games for deletion but did not explain how to actually delete them. IDK sometimes I think I am learning more about all these chess programs than I am about chess lol.

  • by Rilly

    I find the game maintenance very complicated... I still can't delete a game.

  • by 9x19


    I liked this application for my desktop. I have been able to download some pgn files and started using this to look more closely at the errors I make in my games.

    Remember to download the latest version. The one I have is 4.2.2

  • by mattattack99



  • by Brian_of_Bozeat

    I Don't know how to set up the link properly but heres the Jan 2010 version...

  • by ssharma

    SCID v 4.0 released today on 01/09/2009

  • by Akuni

    I prefer the old version, the new one does come with some puzzles, but the old one is much easier to use.

  • by sathish434


  • by hentener


    no limits on this baby load sa dig of database you find for free on this great free program

  • by wormrose


    It is the most attractive and easiest to use of all the Chess Database applications I have tried. It has some great features. Takes a while to figure out - but don't they all?

  • by thewolf72

    Good !!!ty

  • by Pico


    Just taken a quick tour of it after downloading and it looks excellent. Five stars.

  • by pedro823


    good! 5-star!
  • by borhan21


    The New Version Scid 3.6.22 (Free!)
    • Crafty, Phalanx and Toga are three chess engines embedded in the distribution;
    • Play against an opponent with a simulated ELO rate (between 1200 and 2200) and optionaly using major opening lines
    • Play a serious game against an UCI engine, following a book or a specific opening line
    • Automatic game annotation to find blunders, with configurable threshold for weak moves and opening book. Can also search for opening blunders and annotate an entire base
    • Enter markers (colored squares and arrows) directly on the board with mouse clicks
    • Easier game navigation
    • Opening trainer using user's repertoire
    • Tactical training (more than 20 000 exercises)

  • by Fellippo

    I was suprised but its pretty good.
  • by anaxagoras

    Is it me or is the "delete twin games" feature broken?
  • by katar

    get the new version (May 2007) instead.

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