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Sevilla 12.2.2

  • Release Date: May 127
    Submitted By: chessbot
    Submitted On: 5/13/07, 3:00 PM
    Category: Tournament Management
    Publisher: J.P. Hendriks
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    Filename: SevillaSetup1222.exe
    File Size: 2.2358MB
    Downloads: 4321
  • 1 vote: +++++


This version extends the functionality of the previous version with some exiting new elements.

  • The generate web-site tool makes a complete set of html files, ready for publishing on the web.
  • There have been important improvement for team events. Individual results can be applied to absences; boards can be automatically generated and even filled with individuals if desired and subscores can be applied to boards, which is useful for tennis, snooker and cyber games.
  • The Lim variant of the Swiss system has been added.
  • National reports have been added for Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • There has been a major change in look and feel, as all of the important button have been replaced by toolbars.
  • Import of individuals makes preparation of team events a lot easier.
  • The fast absence editor allows quicker absence entry.
  • Games and absence sorting.
  • Customized texts allow you to change a few of the texts only once, without the need to update it after each program update. Consider the use for draughts, where scores are 2-0, 1-1 and 0-2. Only the few "result" strings need to be updated from the main text file. As the customized texts are read after reading of the normal word file, far less updates are necessary.


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