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Simple Chess

  • Release Date: January 1997
    Submitted By: realproto
    Submitted On: 6/23/11, 10:56 PM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: Jeff Koftinoff
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    File Size: 175.6445KB
    Downloads: 6017
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  A little freeware chess program (not an engine).  It plays like its rated 900. So its good for a beginner to play against before trying the big dogs, ie. Fritz or Crafty.  Its a nice self contained executable (just one file).  Works in Windows 95 up to Vista. I haven't tried it on Windows 7.


  • by SilentKid

    this is great!

  • by zhongz



  • by Hy19r0


    Exactly what i was looking for. somthing simple to use offline. only draw back is that it is very very red. maybe too red.

  • by realproto

    Thanks for the comments.  If you are from NYC or coming to the city to visit, come by the Chess Forum. Even if you're not looking for game its still a popular tourist destination just to see the various antique and theme chess sets.  Find the NYC address at:

    Sidenote: If you want chess software for a beginner, Fritz & Chesster version 1.0 is pretty good for 6 yrs and up.  I think even adults can use it if you're patient enough to reach the fighting classes at the end (Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight).  The fighting classes are practical and valuable lessons to learn. Well worth the time to learn the basics.  All kids should try it before playing on

  • by balujun

    simple nice , but the very red board looks so ...Innocent

  • by jtt96


    Not feature rich by a long shot, but excellent for it's target audience. All-in-All, great dowload.

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