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Software for chess clubs

  • Release Date: March 2012
    Submitted By: fredm73
    Submitted On: 3/6/12, 3:58 PM
    Category: Tournament Management
    Publisher: Fred Mellender
    OS: Windows 7, Vista
    License: Free
    File Size: 1.9611MB
    Downloads: 4907
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This software is useful for kids' chess clubs.  It calcuates ratings and produces a ladder showing members' rank.  It also includes a tournament manager that does pairings, assigns boards, etc.  It has been used by the author in 2 different clubs over a period of 2 years.  It includes extensive documentation.


  • by KLA_Chess_Club

    This software works well for our sholastic club. The students enjoy the ladder rankings and the swiss paring system is adequate. Obviously an expensive pairing system works better, but for a free program, it is great. I have to manually enter results into the USCF to rate games and that can be time consuming. We are at a point where I should buy Swiss Sys or something like that. A great program to start out a club

  • by wolfscratch1

    i have used Chess Club Manager for over 20 years teaching hundreds of kids chess and it is without a doubt worth every cent!


  • by Edeltoaster

    Thanks for this nice software; easy to use and includes everything what is needed.

  • by stanmusial

    how do you correct an entry mistake

  • by ssafdar

    So what happens if a student is absent one of the weeks? 

    Also, is this sufficient to run tournaments?

    How long would you normally give per match?


  • by MajorGamble

    Is there a version of this for Mac OSX?  Or perhaps for iOS?

  • by amaranand

    I used it and worked very well for me. I am running a small club locally and its useful to record all games and track progress. thanks for sharing this free.

  • by senchik

    i had created a video tutorial on how to use the software. Thank you very much FredM for creating chessclubkit

  • by chessmaster102

    sounds great can you teach m e how to best utilize it ?

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