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Stockfish 1.6

  • Release Date: December 2009
    Submitted By: ChessMate
    Submitted On: 12/25/09, 6:50 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: GPL
    OS: Win 95/98/XP/Vista/windows7/Linux
    License: Free
    File Size: 1.4062MB
    Downloads: 10709
  • 2 votes: +++++


Stockfish is the strongest free chess engnie available.

1.6 is the latest version after 1.5.1 and it is many elo points better.

It is an open source engine , which means that You can use its source code to modify it.

You can use it with Arena 2.0.1 which is also available as a free Chess GUI , or you can use it in Fritz or chessbase GUI.

The files are in the compressed format. You can use winzip to unzip the files.


  • by student-t

    Stockfish is  well written software.

  • by Vladan88

    Robbolito is not a clone of Rybka. And there is a source code for it. Just download the Linux version and it has all its source code attached. But currently Fire 1.2 (Firebird 1.2) is the strongest free multiprocessor engine.

  • by GagetGuy

    How do you download?

  • by galeb


    @ ChessMate:

    (written by very eminent chess programmer Zach Wegner)

    verdict: Rybka is 100% Fruit clone with some improvements!

    Robbolito, Igorrit, Ivanhoe and FireBird are just further developments of Fruit (as practically all current strong chess engines are) and are much stonger than Rybka 3! It's all about making money selling Rybka - that's why they are all banned from engine turnaments based on false accusations of being clones (of Rybka, the Fruit clone :)).

  • by prof_awh

    What an engine !!

    Elo RATING : 3138 !! WOW !!

  • by boogaloo

    There is a lot of controversy around the Robbolito vs Rybka debate.  There is one fact remaining though.  Rybka engineers made the clone accusation without even seeing the robbolito source code, and on the other side, Robbolito developers refuse to release the source code.  I personally am behind Robbolito because I run a ton of engine matches to develope opening books for my CC chess and I can tell you, Rybka and Robbo do not play alike.

    Who really knows though?  Lets see that source code!!


  • by Ousland

    I compiled stockfish 1.6.2 for mac!! If you have a mac look at this:

  • by hentener

    CoolStockfish is a good chess engine very strong as for Robbol there is debate both ways on talk fourms but whays strange is its reported to be much stronger than rybk 3 now as i would think rybk is not released so how can someone clone it an the clone is so much stronger than rybk 3.but  as to stockfish its as strong as the best fritz engines an its FREE.Some on line web fourms have Stockfish 1.6 ja coming in stonger than naum but a bit below rybk3 not bad for free a very cheap upgrade for your chess gui.

  • by ChessMate

    <secretian> Robbo is illegal because it is rybka clone. link to robbo is banned on all the big chess sites because it is illegal and one should not use it , as it is decompiled rybka. that's why legaly stockfish is the strongest free chess engine.

  • by yekidige

    RobboLito vs Rybka 3 some (experts?) are claiming that RobboLito is 'clone', (or a reversed-engineered version of Rybka 3) ... but, in reality RobboLito is very very different than Rybka 3: - RobboLito recognizes many endgames and draws that Rybka does not - RobboLito searches much deeper than Rybka 3 (reaches depth = 15 vs depth = 11 during 1/1 blitz games) - RobboLito offers different analysis and PVs (principal variations) in almost every position tested - RobboLito implements it's own unique and comprehensive tablebase (binary endgame lookup files) source code, included in the original (Linux) release is all source code needed to compile and build 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 man tablebases - and it is widely being reported (from all over the world) that RobboLito is significantly stronger than Rybka 3 (at least 50 and sometimes more than 100 ELO stronger!) question: how can reverse-engineering an executable result in a program that is so much stronger than the original? answer: it can''s impossible question: how can a reversed engineered 'clone' contain so much original and unique source code? for ex: see RobboLito's extensive and original RobboBase (tablebase) source code answer: it can't, again, this too is impossible clearly, the program authors are skilled programmers with a profound knowledge of chess engine development question: if RobboLito source code was obtained from the reverse engineering of another program, why does it not have pondering, multiPV, SMP, book support, or any UCI options or features? answer: because it's a work in an early stage of development, and is not the result of the reverse engineering or 'cloning' of a finished and polished commercial product! so robbolito is the strongest legal engine not stockfish ok?

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