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Stockfish for Mac Os SL and Linux

  • Release Date: December 2009
    Submitted By: Ousland
    Submitted On: 1/19/10, 10:09 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: autors: Tord Romstad (Norway), Marco Costalba
    OS: Mac OS X / Linux /
    License: Free
    File Size: 3.0123MB
    Downloads: 1778
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Only Rybka and Naum are above Stockfish in rating, even last versions of fritz, hiarcs etc are weaker.

You get a zip, uncompress and you will find a folder with the engine for each SO. I only added the mac version of stockfish 1.6.2 (this engine is based on glaurung)

Enjoy this GPL engine, the stronger one!

Other OS and more info herer:


  • by Tamsley

    Well, it doesn´t work for me. With Lyon i have a folder and any of the content appears to work. Any thoughts? Thanks. 

  • by Ousland

    Ok Javisan60!! It's suposed that robbolito and stockfish are the strongest engines on mac. I wait for match result!

  • by javisan60

    Thank you friend, I am going to put it on a engine match And will tell you the result.....


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