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Strelka 5.5

  • Release Date: April 2012
    Submitted By: AgripaSugira
    Submitted On: 5/9/12, 1:34 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: Yuri Osipov
    OS: Windows
    License: Free
    Filename: strelka55.exe
    File Size: 754.5KB
    Downloads: 8913
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Strelka (rus. Стрелка) is a computer chess engine for Windows, developed by Yuri Osipov. In total, five versions of the program have been developed. The current version, 5.5, supports only the 32-bit core. As of early 2012, Strelka is one of the strongest chess programs in the world[1], according to the blitz rating sheet[2][3][4] and the strongest in Russia.[5]

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  • by zhongz



  • by ChessRabbitt

    This is a strong engine.

  • by RealBulldozer

    I don't know why, Strelka 5.5 is in two locations on but the first one is on page 2, which is the one I downloaded. I installed it into my Fritz 12 Gui and it works fine. I think it is a great engine and with a few improvments could be the best.

    1. Make it Deep Strelka, 8 core or more and USE THEM (many engines say they are multicore but their strength does not change from 2 core to 8 core)

    2. The score is not very accurate, often it will give itself 2.0 or more and still lose or draw. Many other engines have the same problem. The one  exception is Houdini 2.0 (I don't know about Houdini 3) if it gives itself a score of 0.5 it will not lose. If it gives itself a score of 1.0 or more IT WILL WIN! And that is my favorite thing about Houdini. But anyway the Strelka people are definitely on the right track.

    PS The one on page 2 is a 64 bit

  • by The_SacMASTER

    for those who dont know how to use it ...


    first u need to install a chess GUI......i use arena

    in this there is an option of installing engine....

    go there and from there click on the source of this will definitely run......i already installed houdini and now works great

  • by whitehand

    no result only black program

  • by opsima1


  • by shailu


    hey how to operate this one !

    could somebody please help me out of this !

  • by gftfgnrfit8tnf

    It is spam.

  • by rybka3dynamic

    the author of the engine forgot to divide the pawn value by 2 during reverse engineering of houdini hence it gives weird analysis score although plays at the strength which is typically of the order of its source code engine (which is houdini 1.5 in this case)

  • by AgripaSugira


    An excellent chess engine, indeed.... :)

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