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The COMPLETE TV Group Tournament

  • Release Date: April 2012
    Submitted By: ChessMarkstheSpot
    Submitted On: 4/7/12, 2:30 PM
    Category: Database of Games
    Publisher: ChessMarkstheSpot
    OS: Any Program that opens .PGN files
    License: Free
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   Here is the full 184-game 3-round Internal TV Group Tournament all in one .PGN file. It was a great tournament lasting over 14 months with 41 participants. There were 22 timeouts and a few dropouts, but overall a great tournament!

   Here were the prizes played for:


   The winner of the Tournament will have a one hour LIVE Chess blitz session with a Host of your choosing!! Yeah baby!!! This can be any amount of blitz games at any time setting the winner wants. It includes analysis of the games as well. Cool

   2nd place: Guest segment, via SKYPE, on Pardon our Blunders. This can be worked out if the 2nd place competitor does not have or want SKYPE. It may be possible to get a substitute prize.

   3rd place:  A guaranteed game analyzed for Your Games Analyzed. The third place participant will arrange this with Danny, David, and the Host of YGA at some point after the tournament.


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