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The games of Garry Kasparov

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    Submitted On: 11/9/08, 3:38 PM
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A collection of over 1,900 Garry Kasparov games all in PGN format.If you have a chess program lik echessmkaster you can copy the PGN to the software and watch the games.


  • by RaviTheIndian

    I have Scid vs PC and I used that on that software. It imported only one game. Where am I wrong?

  • by lytonn

    On ne peut pas nier qu'il a été un grand champion mais malheureusement il a sabordé la FIDE, un désastre, et ses idées en tout genre sont très discutables.

  • by Kumma



  • by edmilz


    thanks a lot

  • by Temari_Sabaku


    great games i love them. now i have lots of games in my PGN database thank you so very much for uploading these. very magnificent

  • by fgm351


    AWE SOME >>>>>>   SIMPLY PUT, awesome

  • by OpeningGambit


    Wow - simply WOW!  Hundreds of hundreds of the mighty Kasparov's great games!

  • by salimb

    Many chess programs have the ability to load a game in PGN format.

  • by Harry_Iyer


    Ignore buenotc's comment above, It has games right from 1972 to 1998 . . .

  • by ravi040778

    i would lik to kapparov play

  • by prashantbaguant

    but what if i dont have echessmkaster

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