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Winning with the Bongcloud

  • Release Date: March 2010
    Submitted By: verdantlife
    Submitted On: 3/15/10, 8:10 PM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    Publisher: Andrew Fabbro
    OS: any - it's a PDF
    License: Free
    File Size: 320.4307KB
    Downloads: 9350
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The definitive guide to the Bongcloud Opening!

36-page guide with many examples.


  • by chiarcher

    So, I just used this in a blitz game - which I barely lost, and immediately afterwards my opponent msg'd me, "You make me sick"  lol Tongue Out My sides hurt so bad from laughter!  I tried to rematch him, but for some reason he declined hahahahahahahaha, no stop, it hurts, hahahahha....

  • by AlexJSchindler

    When Nigel Short lost fifty blitz games to Bobby Fischer on ICC, who was definitely not some troll with an engine, the former world champion once again demonstrated his mastery of contemporary ultramodern theory by employing the bongcloud. See here Several annotations on "my 420 greatest games" show he had begun developing the bongcloud ideas as early as the 60s, when that fruity little cult took his money and didn't let him play on Sundays. Notice how whites loss of tempo is compensated by his solid nondevelopment. As a form of ultramodern chess, the bongcloud is a strong illustration of abortion, a much stronger alternative to prophylaxis. For instance on move two, white aborts his castling privileges with a brilliant waiting move combination, denying black the opportunity to employ either a grand prix or minority attack at the whites king. Black shall have to find an alternative solution.
  • by mat_kelcey


    "1. e4 e5 2. Ke2! Black to play and lose in 25 turns" gold!

  • by samholland

    Grand Master Garry Wackingoff had a winning record using this opening. Cheech & Chong give two thumbs up!!

  • by Syd_Arthur

    Seems legit, the bongcloud is a solid opening.

  • by colin_robinson


    Combines erudite, lucid style with innovative content.

    There are nuances here that may not be understood immediately by beginnings, but are certain to be appreciated by those with a background in opening theory.

    Refreshing arguments for early sacrifices of the so-called "major" pieces. "Black reaches for White’s Queen the way a wild animal reaches for bait in a trap; he does not see that his Knight is irretrievably lost..."

    One reviewer drew attention to a very few apparent oversights, including the occasional unnoticed checkmate. These are clearly deliberate errors, intended to test the alertness of the student.

  • by Xaltotun

    GM Petrosian-Davit plays it a lot on this site-he seems angry whilst employing it.

  • by tylrr


    Anyone who didn't like this this takes chess too seriously... Anyone who laughed until they cried takes it too seriously.

    Or the other way around, I'm not sure.

  • by jadedragon61

    Irrefutable! Brilliant!! Masterful!!!

    Long live the Bongcloud, you patzers!

  • by beerpatzer


    I actually tried it in some of my live games and scored a respectable 5-4-1.

  • by InDetention



  • by SacredMountain


    That is the worst opening!!!!!!! Joke, right?
  • by Rebro

  • by bestpony


    A stunning and breathtaking new take on opening theory working as a prime testament that the, allegedly talented, chess players of the modern era are too reluctant to embrace the influx of great new ideas such as those presented in this book. The sheer brilliance of this opening, however, has me worried we may indeed be nearing a time where chess is dead, as the great Robby Fish tried convincing us when developing the hopeful saving solution Chess 420. However due to the peculiar nature of the Bongcloud being applicable from virtually any starting position (e.g 1c4 2Kc2!!) I no longer see any future for this game once the new generation of chess aficionados who are open to these ideas emerge and will hence turn in my badge before it's too late. I recommend you all do the same after realizing what will happen when this book, or rather Pandora's Box, is exposed to the masses.

    It's been a good run friends.

  • by Grobzilla

    Like the author, I want the title of BM. How do I become a BM? I really want to be a BM. I think BMs are the shiznit!

  • by Karl201

     It's not a opening... I had a good laugh.

  • by fotherz


    The writer exhibits a deep understanding of both classical and hypermodern theory, not to mention a natural flair for communicating the most complex of problems to even the most nooby student.

    Perfect ammunition for blitz games.  Highly recommended.

  • by Resvrgens


    "What the f@ck was I doing playing the Sicilian all of these years."

    Garry Kasparov, upon  reading this manual.

  • by Shakeymclovin

    The Bongcloud Wing Gambit  

    White’s material advantage is too great to overcome.
    In light of this, Black has usually looked elsewhere for an advantage.

    Also  -after losing to this line,Bobby Fischer published “A Bust to the Bongcloud Exchange Variation” in the 1963 issue of High Times,

    It was popular in the Romantic Era of Bongcloud play

  • by jtt96


    I've heard of masters playing 1. a4 or 1. h4 to make the point that chess isn't about openings. Has anyone heard of a master playing the Bongcloud?

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