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World Championship Games

  • Release Date: September 2007
    Submitted By: billwall
    Submitted On: 9/22/07, 6:53 PM
    Category: Database of Games
    Publisher: Wall
    OS: Win 95/98/XP/Vista
    License: Free
    File Size: 456.168KB
    Downloads: 7485
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Here are 1,150 chess games in PGN format from all the world chess championships from 1834 to 1984.


  • by faysal_faris


    Thanks a lot!

  • by edmilz


    thank you very much

  • by chaderoo2

    what if we chose something and we can't change it back

  • by Arcturus10

    PGN files can be opened with notepad or any sort of chess gui, for those of you who are wondering.

  • by georgez


  • by dilpun

    i can't open any files after download. please suggest me how to open it and play.
  • by dangtrang90


    Thanks! ^^
  • by edmnsl

  • by borhan21


    what more i can say.....thank you. Laughing
  • by pushingwood

    A great way to improve, playing over each game fairly quickly, "absorbing" the chess.
  • by Fellippo

    Great. I love replaying these games. They are very helpful.
  • by Puppaz


    Thanks billwall!
  • by alukara

    I really want to say a big thanks to the publisher to this site. He creates insight to chess lovers.
  • by tanmay_chakrabarti


    I like to thank Mr. billwall for his article and web link.

  • by fpiantini


    A nice and useful selection of unannotated world championship games. 

    A note: obviously, the file can be easily managed and profitably used also with OS different from Windows. I'm using it to evaluate chess database applications in Linux machines.


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