The Lost Ones

We are The Last Ones.


Anyone who dares may join.


Be reminded that we take our laws seriously, so punishments here will be severe.


We are peaceful, so we do not play Daily Chess Matches or Vote Chess Matches. We will leave a list of rules on what you must do and not do.


Spamming or leaving hate comments  is not allowed. We try to keep  everyone here entertained. But this club is serious.


This isn't somewhere to worship, somewhere to joke around. Just to talk to others. You may occasional joke. That is allowed. But we take this very seriously. 


You will only get 2 warnings before we take action. We do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT give second chances unless a majority vote is agreed upon.


So if you would like to join, go ahead and join.


With regards,

~ Depic, Owner