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Για Αρχάριους

  • Beginner: Rules and Basics

    Μέσος Όρος Βαθμολογίας: 800
    Learn all the rules of chess and how to write, read, and talk about chess moves!
  • Beginner: Openings

    Μέσος Όρος Βαθμολογίας: 800
    Learn the basic principles of opening play and take note of our tips (for beginner level players) on all the things you need to know to properly start a chess game.
  • Beginner: Tactics

    Μέσος Όρος Βαθμολογίας: 820
    Learn the point values of the pieces and how to spot good moves quickly.
  • Beginner: Checkmates

    Μέσος Όρος Βαθμολογίας: 800
    Learn basic checkmate patterns and get started winning games!
  • Beginner: Endgame

    Μέσος Όρος Βαθμολογίας: 840
    Learn basic skills and techniques for the most subtle part of chess: the endgame!

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