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7 Απρ 2015
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Best Classical Win: GM Susan Polgar(2504)
Best Rapid Win: FM Daniel Yeager(2308)

Best Blitz Win: IM 

Aditya Mittal!!!!!

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Recently in the  Moschicken Grand Prix, GM Sasha Chickenchuk scratched out a brilliancy over GM Eggkaru Cluckamura in the penultimate round of the latest strongest tournament ever, advancing to the final in what will be the greatest candidates finals match in the entire history of the farm. Indeed the grass-fed, hormone-free chicken eggcited the crowd by playing with according to insiders nearly 60% of the World Champion Carl Magnusen's technique. The great Russian played onward from a slightly winning position and was rewarded with a ticket to the final.

Above: GM Shasha Chickenchuk thinking about the position.