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8 Μαΐ 2012
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I joined CC in 2012... I knew nothing about nor was I interested in clubs or daily games.  I played exclusively Blitz for five years.  I didn't improve very much🙄. I then started playing daily games alongside my Blitz Games. Still it was mostly individual tournaments that I played in-I had not joined a club but the invites flooded in😒.

Then in 2017, I joined my first Club (Blackstone). Since then, I'm more interested in playing for clubs and helping my teammates out, than any individual Glory that I may obtain for myself playing individual tournaments. I still struggle in Blitz.🤕

I'm an active playing member in 15 clubs😬: Admin in OCD (Obsessive Chess Disorder), Kingdom of the Picts, & ECL (Extraordinary Chess Legacy); SA in Total960 & TGP (The Golden Phoenix); My main priorities in those clubs is recruiting and encouraging. 😏 I also play for: Harmony Chess Club, The Ambitious Pawn, Legion, Daily Chess Players, Unikat, Brain 960, Chess 960 Players Group,  Limitless, The Bishop Pair and Icy Tiger. 

I'm a huge advocate for fairness, and I would prefer if all cheats stay out of Chess.Com.

Have a great day everybody, and best of luck in all of your matches!⚔🤙🏼🤺😎🕺