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16 Μαρ 2009
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Learnt to play at an early age but have only recently begun to dabble in competitive games. So at the age of 59, then, and 63 now, I am still a learner. I have found age counts in the faster versions, my reactions simply aren't quick enough for bullet or blitz, but at the more sedate pace of correspondence I sometimes have good games, although sometimes too the soporific ambience of correspondence makes me play like someone asleep!! I have also discovered it is not a good idea to make a move after three or four bottles of wine, preferably red and French in my case. Is there a technical name for this anybody? happy.png On an aside, I think the finest player I have met on the boards at chess@com was someone I beat 2-0. I've met stronger players, but his play had an artistry the others lacked. It's a game of imagination as well as brute force. I have also discovered, recently, that I cannot cope with 20 + simultaneous games, so I will be reducing my involvement in future.