Classical G45-45 1st Ed

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31 mar 2023
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This is the Tournament Club that hosts the ''Classical G45|45 1st Ed '' tourney. The first round will begin on Tuesday, January 16 of 2024 at 12:00AM US ET = 5:00AM GMT.

The tournament is a 5 round SWISS event where the paired players agree upon a mutual/suitable starting time for their game. A Protocol of Discussion must be followed so that the paired players can find a quick agreement toward their game. One round per week is to be played. Time Control of the games is G45-45.                     




We use the LIVE Chess server on ChessDotCom to play our games. Any player willing to observe our Protocol of Discussion and follow the ChessDotCom Fair Play Policy is welcome. 

This event is being sponsored by the Slow LIVE Chess Association, on ChessDotCom.