Welcome to The Hampovsky Chess Club  !

I am 26 and have played chess since  I was 16 years old.

My current Fide Rating is 1695 . 

I love this game and I'm preparing to be  CM, FM, IM, and GM, of course, so follow me and let's grow together!

 I have read many books on chess and in my opinion chess books are  the best method to become a strong player ..


I collected a Twitch channel  in the lens to share my gameplay and my tips so that you too can progress on Chess.com.

If you want to ask me questions, chat with me or just
watch what chess gameplay looks like, you're welcome.I also wait
your constructive opinions so that I can improve my lives on Twitch.

See you soon, peace!

Requirements needed to join this group!

You must be a member of chess.com for at least 3 months! 

Have played and completed a minimum of 10 on-line daily games! 

Your timeout percentile is between 0 and 10%! 

Cheaters are not welcome into this group!

Link to my Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/hampov

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