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3 feb. 2021
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Apr 24, 2021
Stop making a fuss dude, I guess the admins are kind enough to let you stay. When you are in a club, you are a member, what else do you want? The admin organized a couple of tournaments for you as shown below my comment. Obviously, you do not have any intention to play chess but to spam I guess. And JianGuan, I guess your conflict with @chickenchopili should be sorted out individually. For the admins, I strongly suggest you to remove @ChimmyChim7 from our group.
Apr 23, 2021
this is just so quiet you did say in the forum that there will be a membership but i guess not?
Apr 5, 2021
Yes @ChimmyChim7 thanks for bringing this up, we will be having a weekly practice tomorrow at 2.30 pm Taiwan time Please join if you are free!! 5-round Swiss
Apr 4, 2021
why is this club so dead? i thought there qwould be a membership prize
Mar 22, 2021
Hi i am learning Chinese ni hao= hello zai jian= goodbye i am learnign or wo jao janelle i am still lerning :)
Weekly practice

Weekly practice

ChickenChopIli | 6 abr. 2021
Guys, we have a 5-round Swiss tournament starting in 1 hour. Registration opens now! Let's mingle and have some fun!
5 min Blitz Arena starting in 1 hour

5 min Blitz Arena starting in 1 hour

Elaine_99 | 17 feb. 2021
Hello! Please click this link to join Hopefully we get enough people to play tonight.
IliBlitz #2 starting in 1 hr

IliBlitz #2 starting in 1 hr

Elaine_99 | 7 feb. 2021
Click this link to join Good luck
IliBlitz 5 min open for registration! Starting in 15 mins

IliBlitz 5 min open for registration! Starting in 15 mi...

Elaine_99 | 6 feb. 2021
Click to join! Good luck!