Jack Rodgers Chess Coaching 500AUD Online Open Blitz Tournament

15 ene 2022
My You tube Video of Jack Rodgers Chess Blitz Open-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ccSod7GAy8
Jan 29, 2022
Tournament to begin in 28 minutes :)
Jan 29, 2022
Please all ensure you've joined the tournament at this link BEFORE 12 pm AEDT https://www.chess.com/live#t=2906266
Everyone Must Read - How To Join/Regulations For Blitz Tournament

Everyone Must Read - How To Join/Regulations For Blitz ...

JackRodgers | 28 ene 2022
Hello and welcome to my first $500 blitz tournament of 2022! By this point, all participants should have joined this Chess.com club with the event commencing in approximately 19 hours. It is important that you read this entire announcement as I will not have time to answer questions that have already been answered here when the tournament has begun. If you have any questions about joining please ask them in the next 12 hours, else it might go unseen! Timings As advertised, the tourna...