In the hyrule chess village, chess is number one. This is a new club, and we are looking for strong and brilliant chess players such as yourself! 

Advantages of joining our club

  • You get a lot of practice with live matches, daily matches, vote chess, and puzzles, while still having fun with the community!
  • You get to socialize with other chess-lovers like you and are welcome to talk about anything chess or non chess related!
  • You can watch or read fun and entertaining content! Funny, interesting, or helpful! We have stuff for all tastes!
  • We have interesting forums and discussions you can socialize in! You can also create a forum yourself and start an intriguing conversation between members!
  • You have many opportunities to get tons of trophies of your choice to fit your collection!
  • Everyone is warmly welcomed to the club!

You don’t want to miss out on being a part of this club!

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