Hi! Please join this club! Hogwarts awaits your adventures

Everyone is a coordinator in this club and ANYONE can become admin or Super admin so welcome first years the headmistress Ocelot_99 enjoys your company as you come one by one and enjoy your term at Hogwarts with the teachers and classes and Homework given by the teachers only 2 chess problemswink.png The classes and teachers will teach you different potions, incantations and much more !please join this club!!

Also just like Harry, Hermoine, and Ron you will be making various friends and will grow stronger as a team and as online virtual friends!

We are starting Virtual Quidditch and Harry Potter person themed weeks!  And book clubs too!

We play vote chesses, and daily matches and everything including with that!!

We started a new game called find the emoji and broom and if you find them in a jumble of things FIRST you will win a galleon and with some galleons you could get some pretty neat stuff in hogsmeade!