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I'm an older (1939), retired, pheasant hunter from NE Nebraska that has rediscovered chess after about a fifty year hiatus. I love golf and am learning to fish (when my lovely bride of 54 years allows it). I have one old paperback book on beginning chess and one old one on chess openings (which I haven't yet read). Most everything I know is based on that one old beginners book, those great articles on this site, playing against my opponents here, intuition and lots of luck (which of us will make the last mistakeLaughing). I've learned a lot playing with and reading the posts from my fellow competitors on and hope to continue playing for a good long time. (Like golf [20 hdcp Cry], I don't play that good, but I do play pretty fast [chess 1350-1550] and I don't turn down challenges from my "Friends".)

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