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Hi Guys !!!!  I am 1389 fide Rated player and a pleasure reading Greek Mythology.

My fav is Hades 

See the source image

Plz attempt this and this

I have some weird friends here are some of them.

@DecayedSpirit , @Iloveguppy , , @TheLoveOfThe64Squares and @Itude - IDK how and Why I am friends with these guys. But well IDK . I used to hate these guys but anyway we are still friends . (Don't ask me why IDK)

@subtlehues84 , @Anu_2107 , @Harshawiz_01 , @LLLhk - Same story IDK 

@Vinumon555 - Finally someone reasonable to talk about! If u want someone watching your back its this guy. He has a head of viper and body of Dragon. Hello Mr. Vipagon!

@Pluto514 - Sup Alex. Give your Left eye a doughnut It must be hungry!If u want to calm this guy down give him something to eat!

@Papa12341234 - He is a  Great Guy !

Thats some of my Friends

Have a good day.

I am a DECAYEDSPIRITISM Supporter (Sometimes grin.png)

Security is tough, i wish there was a club that has only peace or in real life... Like a World Peace City!!! I think that's a club to!.....