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I started playing chess when I was 6 played my first scholastic tournament when I was 8 and played my first USCF tournament when I was 9. Some memorable tournaments are

Washington open blitz 2020 [where I got 7 out of 11 being a low seed]

Intermat chess match 2020 [where I got last but defeated one of the hardest players of my grade]

Chess4life Bellevue qualifier 12/`14/2019 [where I was the top seed and got first ,but played some good chess]

world open ICC tournament [where I got 7 out of 52 being a low rated seed]

That's all of my memorable tournaments [soon to be updated]

When I started chess I was very weak not knowing much chess but as I played more I became more advanced and am now one of the top players in northwest rating for my grade.