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 Youtube  channel: Huy’s Chess Corner

Some of my videos have 1000+ views, so dont hesitate to subscribe! I have plenty of fun and instructive content such as new opening ideas, showing how Stockfish 13 can be "weak and bad" , analyzing the best games so far in my career. Here is some examples

Some information about me:

tongue.png I started playing chess when I was 5 years old

trophies.pngI was the 2019 Vietnam U11 Champion

I drew with Vishy Anand in a simul

My chess personality

Magicians are the ultimate attackers. Magicians don't care too much if their play is objectively correct - they prefer to follow their intuition and fancy, creating complications and confusing their opponent. A Magician sees chess as a creative art, and creative art cannot be held captive by stern and fixed principles. Magicians can calculate well, but they sometimes do so quickly and carelessly, using their calculation to support what their intuition tells them. Magicians enjoy the unusual and spectacular, and can often become bored by slow maneuvering.

Mikhail Tal is a Magician

Mikhail TalMikhail Tal (1936-1992), the eighth world champion, was known as the "Magician of Riga". Tal was famous for his unpredictable, intuitive sacrifices - many of which were scarcely believable. Nevertheless, he set so many traps and problems for his opponents that they often worked in practice. Indeed, he once said: "There are two types of sacrifices: correct ones, and mine." His play was all about creating complications and unusual situations. Although he sought sharp, crazy positions, he typically didn't out-calculate his opponents, but rather out-imagined them.