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hello guys!

thanks for viewing my profile

my best draw-

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If u think you know all about me, then solve this quizz

My best friends on

@daiksh1906 - he is awesome in friendship! happy.png

@VardhanShah1 - he is very cool! he helps me a lot happy.png

@CrisBenton4 - he is a very nice friend! he helps my club in daily matches

@Rishit_India - another nice guy!

@Emilie_Hegland - she is very nice! happy.png

@Catherine2190 - a very nice (strong) girl happy.png

@Vinumonz555 - he is also brilliant!

@Blitzkreiggboy99 - he is a very nice person! his blogs are superb!

@Arush1907 - very nice player and a good friend of mine happy.png 

The list never ends!!

my goals 

1. 2600 puzzles rtg.(achievedhappy.png)

2. 1800 blitz rtg. (Achievedhappy.png)

3. 2000 rapid rtg.

according to , I am a surgeon! And I am pretty fine with the results. I am positional than attacking...More calculating...totally calm... But 1 thing is wrong... I think I am solid than aggressive. 

What do u think? Write down in the notes!

enjoy the day!