Miembro Diamante

                                   Last profile update: July 15 2021

Hi, I'm Burger, an ish-popular member here on chess.com. I am active, and will try very hard when necessary.

I'm underrated for rapid and blitz big time- on lichess (oof the L-word!!!) Ima 2k in rapid and 1800+ in blitz and bullet and I have an equal record against 2000s in rapid here (two wins, two losses). Yes, I play on lichess some, but to be honest chess.com is a ton better, my only hope is that they will make a classical and hyperbullet rating section and something similar to the lichess shield arenas.

I have no idea what my favorite time control is lol... I play bullet far too much and rapid far too little... I don't like playing 1/1 or 2/1 bullet because if I accidently botez gambited then I like to flag my opponent, if there is an increment he'll normally have enough time on his clockwink.png.

Btw FINALLY REACHED 1K FOLLOWERS on July 10th!! Send me a friend request right now to get me to 2k! I posted about it here. Send me a PM or post in the notes if you or anybody else got to 1k faster (it took me 5 and a half months). Ik @Hikaru and countless other streamers probably have, but other than any GMs or whatever, I think I am pretty close to having the record.

Hopefully getting an otb rating soon, I don't actually have a FIDE or ECF rating yet, but my dad thinks I should be at least 1700.

One of my best games:

I created a blog about it here.

And now for the two games where I defeated Tani himself... twice (in a row)!

Game 1:  Chess: TanitoluwaAps116 vs Burgermaniac - 17426595389 - Chess.com

That's one of my best games too... perhaps #1. People who where watching the game (since Tani was playing) were like- he just beat an NM!!! 

Game 2: Chess: Burgermaniac vs TanitoluwaAps116 - 17427134739 - Chess.com

He beat me in four bullet games after that lol... but still, I beat Tani!!

League History:

I am the Board 4 (b4) in the team Rayo Lunar Squad 2.0 This is the league I am focusing the most on currently.  Our team qualified for the regular season. I am 2.5/4 only because of forfeit issuesmeh.png.

B1 @angryspacevoid        2092

B2 @BonafideGenius (C)  1840

B3 @skylord66                  1569

B4 @Burgermaniac           1287

B5 @Dark_Knight_DK14    1049

I am Board 5 in the team The Fearless Samurais.

B1 @ezchess45  2191/ @Twickenham2014  2187

B2 @BonafideGenius 2117 (C)/ @Twickenham2014  2163

B3 @bhavikchaudhary  1945

B4 @kesarling_ut 1423

B5 @Burgermaniac  1413

B6 @Rainbowmist700  930

This is an individual League, rather than a team. In Season 1, I got eliminated in the Quarter-Finals.

I am Board 5 in Chess Family V2.0 I again so far have a good record, except for forfeits.

B1 @BabyNepomniachtchi  2211

B2 @TheUnderDog001  2120

B3 @GoPikachu  1807

B4 @Moonwarrior_1  1944

B5 @Burgermaniac  1287

B6 @okaychessplayer48  932

B1 @TanitoluwaAps116

B2 @BoggledToggo

B3 @Imlua/ @angryspacevoid

B4 @Burgermaniac (C)



B3 @Prince_USA / @neatgreatfire

B4 @Burgermaniac (C)

B5 @ZanyBigClub 

My chess personality is Magician, like Tal. He and Bobby Fischer are my favorite players of all time. My favorite game of all time is one of Fischer's.

And to think that he managed to do all that when he was only 13!!!

    When I am not playing chess, its normally football. My preferred positions are in goal or forward. I have lots of opinions on football clubs and players, any others like me join this club.

    Btw my lichess username is BurgerManiac777

My favorite chess memes: There are more but I don't feel like uploading them yet but I will get to it lol.

    People I Have Adopted

note: I count adoptions as beating them three game in a row









and countless others, especially in time controls of 30 seconds or less.

               Random Titled Player Stats:

I've beaten CM @MdSharifHossain 3 times, drawn once, and lost 5 times in puzzle battle

Drawn another CM once and lost once also in pb

Beat Tani, as said earlier in 3/0 blitz

                                              Some Puzzle Battle History

Peak Hourly ranking: #1 on June 2

Peak Daily Ranking: #1 on June 2

Peak Season ranking: #34 on July 1

Peak rating: 1753 on July 1

Best win: I have beaten a few 1900s, but don't have the links for them.

Highest Score: 28 in May-ish.

Anyway, that's about all of my boring but lengthy bio. To finish it off, I will put in one of my favorite chess puzzles out there:

  See if you can solve it without any hints.

Oh, and one last thing:

Bullying? You think your so cool? The girl you called fat? She is on a diet. The girl you called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country. The boy who was crying? His mother is dying. The kid you just made fun of for being bald? He had cancer. Put this in your profile if you are against bullying.