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Greetings everyone, My name is Ansh. My chess.com account name is DarkKnight_2000. I am an intermediate player with a rating of 1100. I desire to write blogs and have written 4 blogs until momentarily( 18-7-20 ) do check out my blogs If you are all available.  Thank you @TiTrWinner1039 for the diamond membership. Do check him out if you all are free! Best sympathizers at this site are :

1: @VibrantAstronaut

2. @Free-de-le-hoy2(not now!)

3. @AyushMChessMator

4. @amitroy1


6. @viccietudaye

7. @77DarkKnight77

8. @Silentmate87

9. @Legendary-Jeff


If you all are free do check my besties out!wink.png

People I've adopted:




4. @markpir

@Karim-bot">5. @Karim-bot


7.Free-de-la-hoy2 ( half adoption)

8. and other players who their name I forgot because they have played with me in the random challenge but it at least 15!

My most satisfying blitz win 🏆 😏🤗

I Won by timeout and I am white

My most salutary bullet win :

This game was played between @AyushMChessMator and DarkKnight_2000

I won By timeout and I am black wink.png

1.Favourite chess youtube channel - agadmator

2.Favourite piece - Knight ( Because they are tricky cowboys)

3.Favourite vitality- White

4.Favourite play: Gold coins game played between Frank marshall and Levitsky

5.Favourite professional- Anotoly Karpov

6.Favourite youtube chanell- mrbeast

7.Favourite chess club- Fire and Ice. https://www.chess.com/club/fire-and-ice-1 join! and https://www.chess.com/club/the-brilliant-club this ismy club so plz join!

8.Favourite compatriot- @VibrantAstronaut

9.Favourite time construction- Bullet

10.Favourite color- Blue

11.Favourite music-


12.Best consequence that has happened to me till forthwith: Winning a Fan club arena!! https://www.chess.com/awards/darkknight_2000/arena/1292502

13. Favourite mouse - Xmate zorro pro

Highest rating ever accomplished till know (15/8/20) -

Bullet 1650
Blitz 1358
Rapid 1300

14.My lifetime intent in chess: to be a Grand Master and hopefully become a Super Gm and become world champion!!

15.Favourite book- I don't have favorite books. But I love Lord of the rings! 🤩🎭

And please don't neglect to join my club everyone!