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Hi there, stranger, friend, whoever you are! First of all, before you read anything about me, I just wanna thank you for actually reading this mess! Thanks lol! And now, I also wanna thank all my friends for always being there for me! Thanks guys! You all mean a lot to me, and I’m very glad to have met You! Remember that I’ll always be here for you. I may not be that active because I’ve got school, other pRobLeMs, and family issues as well, but do know that I’ll still be here for you! If you ever need anything, just message me! I’ll reply back as soon as I can! 
If you’re still here, yAYyyY! And now, here are some things you should know about me...

⇨ I suffer from depression & anxiety-

⇨ I’m very sensitive, hehe-

⇨ I’m often dramatic, sOooO yEaH- People say I’m a drama queen, lol..

⇨ I get hyper very easily xD 

⇨ I’m useless <3

⇨ I cry over the stupidest things- lol

⇨ I’m an idiotic child- tHaT’s wHaT mY mOm sAiD-

⇨ Oh, yeah, I’m 12- o.O

⇨ I hit people with binders when I’m bored- nOt jOking UnU

⇨ I suck at chess! qwq 

⇨ Ahh, I’ve got trust issues- I can’t trust anyone o.o

⇨ I say stuff without thinking, so, just- sorry ;-;

⇨ I’m like really upset right now, cuz Natas still hates me- AHHHH-

⇨ I love saying “Rawrrr”

⇨ I am yes-

⇨ I’ve been heartbroken a bunch of times! Isn’t that amazing? c:

⇨ Meliodas is mineee! ( he doesn’t exist lol, but he’s still mine) ^^

⇨ I play Roblox xD welll, sorta- I kinda stopped playing-

⇨ I hate bUgS- especially spiders, they’re very scary-

⇨ If I could die, I would ^^

⇨ I’m probably cursed, Oop-

Okay, okay- That’s enough I guess XD after reading all that, you’ll probably not wanna be friends with me anymore and that’s fineee- But please, if you do choose to be friends with me, don’t leave... Don’t just walk into my life, stay for a bit, and then just leave- I’ve lost a lot of people- they just come and go! And you don’t even know how much it hurts- ( unless you’ve been through that ) I’ve lost wayyyy too many people, and I don’t wanna lose anyone else, so please don’t leave me- I’ll hit you with my binder if you do UvU oh and, thank you hooman! Thanks for reading dis! I’m horrible at writing bio’s, but I love to write lol xD

Okie, Type this into my notes and I’ll give you 10 trophies! ^^
⇨ 0:046O0o qwq

Rawrr! You’ve got to be kidding me- why are you still here? XD This is just boring- And you’re amazing because you actually read all this OwO Thanks for reading this XD I hope you have a great dayyy! And remember, I’ll be here for youu! Don’t make me angry though- I’ve got plenty of binders and oranges o.O

Oh! And one last thing ;-; If you have TikTok please follow meee! ^^

Ya’ll can either call me ‘Mei’ or ‘Zoey’ 
Lol, There are only 2 people on this entire website that know my actual name- Okay, so, ‘Zoey’ is really close to my real name, and I honestly don’t even know how I got the name ‘Mei’ My younger cousin used to call me that, lol.. sO yEaH- People also call me ‘Maisie’ You can call me anything, as long as it isn’t offensive or hurtful to me or anyone.. UnU

Yes, I deleted my friend list because it was wayyy too long and triggering ;-;


eEeeeEEeEeE- It’s been snowing a lot here recently TvT

Yes, I took those photos! You can also kinda see my window O.O

Oh, and, the second picture- that’s my backyard! xD ( half of it, lol )



Okay, so, I’m in a lot of pain. I don’t usually open up to people. I’m writing this here only for people that actually care. And I know that you care if you’re still reading this. Well, you see, I’m just, I’m hurting. I don’t know how to explain this. It’s hard. I don’t know. This pain, it doesn’t ever go away. It’s just always there. I miss so many people. I’ve lost so many friends. I’ve lost many family members. I’m losing myself as well. I’m trying. I’m trying to hold on. I’m doing everything I can. I really am. But, sometimes holding on just hurts more. I’ve been trying to let go of those people that have hurt me, but they, they meant a lot to me. And they still do! I’d do anything to have those people back in my life. But, no. No matter how hard I try I never get anywhere. I just end up putting myself in more pain. I’m tired of trusting, believing, and losing people. I’m tired of getting hurt. I’m tired of existing. I’m tired of all this pain. I’ve been trying so hard for someone who doesn’t even want me in their life. I’m absolutely pathetic, lmao. Loyalty and kindness just leads to weakness. We all just end up defenceless...