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Quotes by Felicia

“Call me Felis.”

”Let me say this, it was a wonderfully horrible journey I’ve been on.”

“It is better to experience life holding your hands out to catch everything, even the painful things than it is to be closed up like a clam, feeling less sad, and yet less happy.”


Titles of Felicia

”Lover of Felines”

”Practitioner of Yuri”


I’m a 20 yr old female who likes cats.

You’ll see me in the forums, mostly in the off topic section.

Thank you to all my supporters!

People who have given me membership, I sincerely thank you!




Clubs I’m in:

Magnus Chess Corner

Top Gifter GM Magnus Kingdom Clubhouse

E4orce Clubhouse

VIP Lounge

Rolls Royce Chess Club

The Cookies Club

The Four Paws Agency


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