Me very angry dragon very very angry 😡 me will attack anyone when me mad 😡 I will beat up bad guys

me mad

very mad

me had cancer once

me still alive

me got cure


you will say yay for me!

Remember  me is angry very angry

 me dragon 🐉 

me is very angry when me don’t get ice cream 

steak sushi

me don’t like golf and wasbi that is a green paste

 me love food

Me will destory

 me will bring peace 

me is the last dragonsad.png

me love to watch movies

me is gonna be sad

when me lonely 

me will destroy bombs

me will destroy stuff

that hurt me

and my friends

me don’t get lonely

you will better watch

out when me

get angry very very angry

so ya 😡  

and also this is wut one of my friends give me for my first gif logothank 


Thx s