yo im not sorry 

i dont run from the law it runs from me

 *i like to role play so invite me to any role play things* *anime is my thing* * i work on cars ps i have a car shop* *i have been abused and used iv been shor run over stabed and hit ive seen it and felt it all* rest in peace love i gave up a wile ago... i aint perfect i started drugs at 10 i smoked weed at 11

now im 13 and i smoke normal but money stopped coming in a long time ago i be crienig on the inside i cant feel on the out. look at me i steel i shoot and i am part of the walk up gang we dont drive but we do shoot a lot. if you wanna leave caus of who i am then do i dont need people and if u unfriend me because of who i am then f u