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my name is meggy, as you probably already know. i like running (some cross-country. i suck at sprints though), pen-paling, reading, and writing (my book on wattpad From the Mind Of:). i play the violin (5 years... and i still suck...) and some soccer, and am a pretty good artist (i do acrylic and sketch). i love marvel movies (tony stark and black widow are my fav) and listening to hamilton.

if you're bored, join The Global Protector. It's a pretty awesome club, run by @littlesirius (Mr. Tiger), @Hippo-potumus (Mr. Hippo), and @Shadow_Lord666 (Mr. Wolf). Yes, Mr. Wolf is my younger sister. you should also join Team Guppy, run by the one-and-only @giftedguppy1000

wow! you got this far into my profile! ... but what am i supposed to say now? 

here are my bestest friends on!!


no one bc i have no friends.

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well, there that goes. i wish i had something meaningful to say. pm me memes please.

here's a quiz about me!! take it (but not with your real name) .