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 Hi everybody!

I am Badri and my age is 13.

I live in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Feel free to friend me! I don't mind joining clubs and having friends

My standard FIDE rating is 1576.

Click here !!

to join the club- 'The Great Chess Kingdom' !!!!!happy.pngwink.png

Click here to join another club 'Fast and Curiousclubs.png

And the 'Super Fun Club'.You won't have 100%fun but 200%fun!wink.png

An amazing club! The sa is @DJM473. He does suck so much like me!xDDDD (I would suck more than him so....end that speech nowgrin.png

My old username was @badri0102

so uh....don't get confused too much   wink.png

credits to @shaonihiya for this...


I respect this a lot!!thumbup.png

BTW............. I love surviv.iohappy.png and I'm pro in ittongue.png! (just kidding; I suck xD){But not more than DGM!xD}

There are a list of good personalities whom I have met in

NOTE=They may or may not  my friends

1. @GM_Magnus_Kingdom: A 'BET' if u find a person who gives more respect to you than GM_Magnus, I will give u 10 trophies. NOTE: U will failtear.png

2. @LHCAndrewB: I'm just sad he is not near me. He has helped me make the correct choices and helped me when I was in troublehappy.png

3. @flyinggmachine: he is just 7 and more mature than me!surprise.pngthumbup.png

4. @champions2007: he is one of my 'BEST' friends in He treats everybody equal and gives respect to everybody!happy.pngwink.png

5. @Leon_likes_chess: He is very cool and funny! He will help you a lot when ur in trouble 

I hope you have a good day!happy.png

Thanks for reading my profilewink.png