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My latest YouTube video:

Hi, my name is Will! Here's a quick summary of my life. When I was about ten years old or so, I moved to Manchester from the U.S. to play for Stoke City's youth academy as a reserve goalie. Now I am thirteen, and am back in the U.S. after a few years playing football in England. I learned some pretty important lessons at Stoke.

I still play football (soccer) but not with the same intensity. I play for the club Lehigh Valley United in Pennsylvania and we actually won the u19 national championship yay! But school has been tough since I'm taking 3 years accellerated math and it's really hard and so I haven't had as much time as I'd wanted to to play football (soccer) and chess. 

If you want to friend me, go ahead! If you want to play me, please make it a 7 day game at least because I once lost a bunch of games at once because they were all 24 hour games and I forgot to log on one day, ruining my record. Anyway, thanks for reading this far! If you are reading this, go ahead and give me a friend request! Have a great day!

Clubs to join:

Please join the club The Golden 64 Squares! This club helped me to really appreciate the fun of chess. We are a very fun club with 1000+ members! We do team matches, vote chess, many live and daily tournaments, and we have an amazing great and welcoming community! Please give us a look: Have a great day!

Please join the club Best Chess Professionals and Masters. Don't be intimidated- you don't have to be a GM to join this club! The Best Chess Professionals and Masters is a club of over 250 members that love helping new members to improve. If you are an experienced member, we'd love to have you here as well! Our community is very welcoming. We host tournaments, team matches against other clubs, and more. If you are interested in joining one of's most interesting clubs, please join by clicking this link: Thank you!