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Hi all! My name is Devadas Shanmugan, I am a 14-year-old genius who could have gone to MIT last year, but instead went to a normal high school... oh wait that isn't me. But you can read about Devadas's story here (cough bragging): 
Anyway yeah, that's not me. If you're reading this bio, you probably know my name anyway, so there is no point in actually introducing myself because really, who cares. I started to play Chess in October 2010, starting at a USCF rating of 490! Wow! I've become good since then. Well, not really. But I'm definitely better than I was in 2010, I'll give myself that. I joined this site in 2016, and well, I'm probably on this site a bit too much, seeing as it's currently 2 AM and I'm writing this bio. 
Anyway, here's a cool game I played on a website that shall remain nameless! 
Other than chess... well I'll be entering my sophomore year of college in the fall, with an Engineering Physics major, but not because I'm actually good at Engineering or Physics, I just like to torture myself. A common theme among most things I do, to be honest. The fact that I cannot find anything else interesting to talk about here (not that anything I do is interesting) should say enough about how much time I spend here! But yes, I do like to write every once in a while, as well as watch random sports highlights on youtube, but that's about it. 
Oh yeah, Michael Scott is probably the greatest Television Character to have been created, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, do yourself a favor and watch The Office right now. Yes, now. Stop reading this, and go watch it. Always open to show recommendations since I have way too much free time, and eventually that free time leads me back to watching the events that go on at Dundler Mifflin. 
I am an admin for the Not-So-Pro Chess League on, basically, my job is to pretend that I do something so people take me seriously, and somehow it's been working! I captained the Chess Vikings from Season 3 to 7, winning a league-record 3 championships during that time period, and people always wondered what the secret to our success was, but to be honest, I just picked random kids from my high school chess team to play with me, so maybe that's the secret key to winning leagues on! In Season 9 I decided to try captaining again, for the Dysfunctional Checkmaters, and well, we just got eliminated in the Divisional Championship round, so not as great... but I shall be back!
I also attempt to help out in the Raburn Series Premier League, which is an Illinois High School-based league that's open to everyone! The format is pretty unique, having been copied from the IHSA format, but people outside of Illinois don't know about it, so check it out if you have the time! I played for the Comets in Season 1, before bringing my high school chess team again to a league, where we placed 2nd in Season 2, and currently in 1st place in Season 3. Maybe we will win? Who knows. 
As you can see, I've clearly been affected by High School Chess a bit too much, but blame the IHSA for creating a great format for competitions, and uh, good stuff! We placed in the top 14 at state all 4 years I was there, but their greatest accomplishment is likely a 6-1 record and a 6th place finish last February! I'd like to think I helped in their success, but other than being a spectator (and I think their #1 fan?) I did basically nothing! Doing nothing and getting stuff done is kind of my specialty. 
Chess wise, I'm just your typical college student, who crossed 2000 USCF in 2016 and then hasn't improved since then, so yeah, I'm just your friendly neighborhood chess person, and uh what else to say? Sure. I did draw an IM in an OTB game once, that was kind of cool. I also lost rating that tournament as well, which should give you enough context on how consistent my play skill is. 
Anyway yeah, that's enough about me? Or is it. 
Oh yeah, I'm also planning on maybe streaming, since everyone else seems to do it, so you can follow me here:
For those of you who actually read 2 AM drabble from me, good for you, you just wasted a good minute of your life reading this (who knows, maybe it was even more time), but I'm sure you learned something about a complete stranger, so that's good for you!

Also, I tend to accept most friend requests if I recognize a username, but I do prefer to at least have interacted with you in some way before accepting a friend request, but if you for some reason feel like doing so after reading this bio (really, what's wrong with you), go ahead?
PS: I sometimes blog, but really it's only when I'm bored, or if I lose a bet, and no I do not actually believe the Earth is flat, if you think I do, you clearly didn't read my last blog carefully enough.