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Chess helps to keep me awake and keeps my wits sharp so I can sneak into the chicken house. At times I can grab pawns, leave unguarded chocolate covered poisoned pawns as a bait, chase Kings and eat chicken if I have drank enough coffee. If not enough coffee I may fall asleep and get checkmated, think of running for president.  or misspell words.

Favorite  comedians Red Fox. Favorite cartoon Far Side by Gary Larson. Favorite TV character Columbo. Favorite books Sherlock Holmes.

Is a fox really sleeping when his eyes are closed?

 My  hobbies are cooking chicken,  sleeping, avoiding  fox hunts, chasing squirrels, avoiding wolves, learning chemistry and TV show Elementary.

My favorite movie is the Lion,the Witch  and the Wardrobe. My favorite characters are the Lion and Mr. Fox.