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 Hi everyone I like to play chess! Please join this group.  happy.png Please, I am a member of the group to check if my name is in the chat so you will know! The picture is 2 people gray/pawn. When you just look at the club the picture will be 2 people in gray/white but when you press it it will become a gray/pawn. Thank you. Actually never mind all that I said I put a link in for the club so press and join please thanks!!  happy.png  happy.png  

The player who is white is very happy in this position.   happy.png

Also for anyone who sees this can I have a trophy... wink.png wink.pngwink.png  happy.png   also to the person who is (PLEASE) going to join the above club PLEASE JOIN THIS CLUB AS WELL! Thx!!!  Also, leave me a friend request!!!  Thank you so much!!!  And don't go back to soon!!!! There's a forum topic I made about a fun game and here is the link. Pls participate in it and have fun!!! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the link:   Thank you!!! So pls remember to join my club's and my forum topic/game! Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ok, NOW I'm done. diamond.pnghappy.pngthumbup.pngwink.pngpeshka.png Ok, why are you here? I told you I'M DONE!!! Join it then GO AWAY.

Also, feel free to send me an invite to a club but I don't join private clubs. Unless it is an HQ for a club and it is mandatory for me to join but besides that, I don't join private clubs. Some I will join it depends. Also, there is NOTHING BELOW but white screen so no need to look down and go down...surprise.pngAlso, if you are sending me a invite for a another club ( hope I am not saying this again lol happy.png ) I will join it if you join my club thx! wink.png

This is not for you to be here.

Ahhh,you're gone finally!!!

Oh, no! 


LOL thx for viewing my profile!

Okay, that's the end. wink.png


ðlgili resim

ENOUGH GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, press the follow button. happy.png So, you will be notified about my once a week (from now one happy.png) FREE TROPHY BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!trophies.png

THE END OF THIS PROFILE. angry.png Most of the times ( a little bit) When i play with you and I am white I will have these pieces: wk.pngwq.pngwr.pngwr.pngwn.pngwn.pngwb.pngwb.pngwp.pngwp.pngwp.pngwp.pngwp.pngwp.pngwp.pngwp.png While you will have: *nothing* tongue.png Okay thx for viewing my profile there is nothing to see below so yeah just don't go down. Also if you give me a trophy I will give you TWO trophies!!! Don't hesistate I am online everyday and are hoping for trophies. happy.png SO THX FOR VIEWING MY PROFILE AND HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY AND BELIEVE THERE IS NOTHING BELOW BUT WHITE BACKGROUND. happy.png thumbup.png





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Lol thx for viewing my profile NOW IT IS THE END AND NOW GO GO AWAY!General Chatters

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