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My Name is                      . I'm        years old . I am a Buddhist living in Sri Lanka .

My School Is Temple . My Teacher is Lord Buddha . My School Book is Tripitaka and My classmates are Respected Sangha . 

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so I'm a Kpop Lover and Army .... Exo-Ls too 

My hobby is finding information about the history of my country and China, Korea , India too  happy.png .... 

I'm a Free fire player  ( Just For Fun lol grin.png

I am always happy and fun ... no cries , No worries wink.png

Favorite colors are - Red and Black ...

Send me a Friend Request whenever you want tongue.png ... I'll accept for sure . wink.png

                          Thx For the view thumbup.png 

                      Finally we come to the end here ... cry.png

                   GoodBye Have a Meaningful day to all ..

                                May the Triple gem protect you !!!

      මම හරිම හුරුබුහුටි හා අහිංසක කෙල්ලෙක්, මට හිරිහැර කරන්න එපා! 

Last Update 2021/07/24