Sometimes, the thing we cant change ends up changing us

The selfish desire to maintain peace causes wars, and hatred is born to protect love

Co-Founder of Team HuTao

Welcome to my profile!

You can call me Wallibear, Walli or Wally

Fav phrase: Wealth isn't measured with money

What I love: Listening to game soundtracks and OSTs :>

A bit rational

Gender: Female

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@LoliLaChanAi (Alias: @TheSimcoLoliYoutube)




@HanaJeawk: Thông minh & hài hước :>

@Namkhanhk10: Ad trẻ nhất từng tồn tại trong clb VN :v 

@W-Darkness-W (better known as @W-MidNight-W: A decent rapid player ;v. Rly good at english, active and friendly. :>

Afk vô thời hạn :/

@kaohien: Ra đi nhưng quay trở về lúc nào thì ko ai rõ ;-;